Shety Stables was started by three individuals (from Hawaii) who thought that having another place to hang out other than at would be nice.
This site is basically for information about the game that we all were hooked on called Derby Owners Club World Edition.

Horseshoe DOC Cabinet Deluxe DOC Cabinet

If you have questions about the game that is not answered from the Q&A or from the sections on the left side and need to reach me please email me -

It's now 2019, 16 years ago (2003) Derby Owners Club World Edition was introduced to the USA.
It still has a dedicated player base even after all these years that have passed.

We are still making and selling cards for anyone who is interested.
Looking for strong horses to beat your competition? Just looking for a strong horse line to build up to include in your stable? Look no further!
We have horses available for purchase at the following link Click Here!.

**** I do not have any stock of blank/new cards to refill DOC machines. Contact PlayItAmusements / Sega Arcade they should be able to help you order some. ****

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